Plots in Kamulu-All you Need to Know About Buying!

If you hear someone talk about Kangundo Road, regarding land they might probably drop the name Kamulu. The demand for plots in Kamulu and surrounding areas is rising steeply by the day.

Situated in Kasarani constituency, it is the last estate on the border of Nairobi and Machakos counties. Indeed some of the properties in Kamulu are in Machakos County even though accessed through Nairobi.

This is a fast developing suburb in the East of Nairobi about 30 Kms from the CBD. There are associated estates near Kamulu which are easily confused like the same place. Names like Ruai, Joska, Kware, Malaa, Kantafu and KBC are all associated with this road leading up to Tala and the Kangundo town.

Because of the increasing population, already Kamulu Police station has been put up and also “Kamulu Polytechnic” formally known as Kasarani Technical and Vocational College to cater for the security and education needs respectively. It now also boasts of supermarkets such as Ottomatt at “26”, Fastlane and Waecon in Kamulu shopping centre. An international school, Brookshine (kindergarten, primary and secondary) is also situated here offering world class education.

brookshine school sign on kangundo road

Interest for plots in Kamulu has seen prices shoot up from about Kshs 250,000/= in 2001 to about Kshs 10 Million to 12 Million per acre currently. In addition access has been improved by the completion of the Eastern by pass which is even overwhelmed right now by the traffic. It is not unusual to spend time in traffic

One can get to Kamulu and the adjacent estates via Thika Road from Ruiru overpass or from Mombasa Road at the Cabanas junction. There is also the Greater Eastern by pass which will cross Kangundo Road on its way to connect with Thika-Garissa road which will increase access and consequently the value of property here. There are several matatus plying this route from the CBD at bus station and you can get matatus up to a decent hour.

There are plans of expansion of the Kangundo road to dual carriage way which will make prices of land shoot up once again as witnessed when Thika superhighway was completed. Already a number of petrol stations have opened up along the road, an indication of anticipation of future traffic on the road. Actually between Ruai and Kamulu there are 8 petrol stations. The county government also plans to put up a transport master plan which will have a train station at Ruai.

Ruai town is the epicenter for all these towns. You can find all the common amenities are here. There is a bank, and major banks have ATMs as well, Quickmart supermarket, hospital and a police station. About 2 Kms away you find Utawala on the Eastern by pass which is another big settlement.

plots and houses in kamulu

Plots are still available in Kamulu and the other areas. However prices keep rising every day. Over the weekend, you can see people and vehicles crisscrossing the vastness of this suburb, some putting up fences while others measuring distances on the ground.

Make your way to Kamulu if you want to be part of this great Nairobi Metropolitan city in the future.

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