Living in Kasarani:What You Need to Know

Situated on the northeastern side of Nairobi off Thika superhighway, Kasarani is a decent affordable place to live. For those just starting out life to young and even large families, living in Kasarani is a comfortable and convenient location.

It is suitable for people working in the CBD or along Muranga road and Thika super highway. It is still convenient for those who won’t mind connecting, to Westlands, Limuru road or even towards Ruiru.

Named after the largest sports complex in the country, it is an ironical mix of all sorts of housing ranging single rooms, bedsitters in apartments with 1 to 3 bedrooms. There are also maisonettes organized in courts and small gated communities.

Mostly rentals but also a significant number of owner occupied homes.

sports complex in Kasarani mostly associated with the estate
sports complex in Kasarani mostly associated with the estate

Generally called Kasarani, it extends from the Roysambu roundabout all the way to Mwiki. It comprises of many “sub estates” or bus stops from ICIPE, Sports view, Naivas, Equity Seasons, Kwa DC, Clay City, Stima, Magorofani, Hunters, Sunton, Garage and Maji Mazuri.

This estate is also home to a UN body, ICIPE adding prestige to the area. Another big inter-governmental body, the Regional Centre for Mapping for Resources for Development (RCMRD) is also headquartered here.


The rents vary from Kshs 5,000 for a single room to a Kshs 60,000 per month for a 4 bedroom maisonettes on its own compound. The most expensive units being the ones near the road and moving closer to the super highway.

A decent budget will get you a nice place to live in Kasarani. Most houses have enough water supply, parking and internet connection.


At just 20 minutes and 16 kms from the CBD the main road passing through the estate is the Kasarani-Mwiki road which is perennially under repairs. It connects the busy Thika super highway and Kangundo road. Transport is served by many matatus almost throughout the night. There is also a train departing from Mwiki train station early in the morning.


Security is adequate with Kasarani Police station, Sunton Police Station and Mwiki Police Station. There are also police posts with regular patrols within the estates. Incidents are rare and far between and one can rest easy with minimum precaution.

Entertainment & Shopping

The residents are also served by TRM for shopping and relaxation and other supermarkets including Naivas, Powerstar and Kassmatt. Entertainments joints are in plenty too from bars, restaurants to nyama choma joints

One can go for swimming at the national stadium or at the Sports view Hotel. For those who love to work out, you can be sure to find a gym outside your apartment at an affordable cost.

There is a Kenya Commercial Bank, Family Bank, Equity Bank in the area and several ATMs and of course numerous mobile money operators in estate.

Thika Road Mall aka TRM where Kasarani residents can shop and relax
Thika Road Mall aka TRM where Kasarani residents can shop and relax

Healthcare & Education

The biggest hospital is St Francis which is a level 5 facility and many other small clinics and private hospitals such as Radiant, Kasarani Maternity and Penda Medical Centre at Sunton. There also many public and private learning institutions from Primary to Secondary level.

The predominant faith seems to be Christianity with all the faiths represented. There is no large mosque in this area.

Kasarani is therefore a good enough estate to live in Nairobi, with reasonable rents, lots of choice for living places, fair security, many amenities and round the clock transport. There are also lots of opportunities for those who are business/entrepreneurially inclined. You can stay here with peace of mind and prosperity

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